This website uses cookies to ensure the best experience for our users and to allow us to get statistics about how our users use this website. The following paragraphs will describe to you how what are cookies, how we use them, and how you can disable them based on the browser you are using.

What are cookies?

An internet cookie is a file of very small size, containing letters and numbers, that is stored on the device that a person uses to navigate on the Internet. Cookies are used by a very large number of websites to ensure the best experience for their users. They are stored on the device when a web-server sends a request to a user's browser(for example Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox) and they are completely passive, meaning they cannot execute any code or install anything on the user's device. It is only used to store some text that the website can use for different purposes(for example, storing a user's preferences about the cookie settings).

A cookie is made of two parts: a key and a value. It can only be accessed by you(the user) and by the website that set, but only when you visit that website again.

What do we use cookies for on this website?

This website uses cookies for two purposes:

  • Storing your preferences regarding our cookies settings. This is important because when a user first comes to our website, a message bar will appear at the bottom of the page to notify the user we are using cookies. Because we want our users not to become annoyed by this notification and because we need to know if we are allowed to store cookies for a particular user, you can press one of the two the confirmation buttons . At that moment, the bar will dissapear and we will store a cookie with a little text telling us what is your option for cookies on this website. Next time you visit this website, we will check for that cookie so that we know not to show you that notification again. The cookie will be stored for 90 days and after that period expires, the text will be automatically deleted and you will see the notification again in case you visit the website again. This is the single necessary cookie that we need to store, because it tells us if we can store other cookies when you visit this website. When you press "No, thanks" on the notification on the bottom of the page, we will still store this cookie, but because this is absolutely necessary so that we don't store any other cookies for you.
  • We use Google Analytics to track how many users visit our blog. Google Analytics is a free website tool that collects anonymized data on site visitors, aggregates it, and offers reports on where the traffic is coming from, what pages they browsed, for how long, etc. This information is important to us because it allows us to track what content brings you the most value and how our users use this website. This third party service sets a cookie on your device with a random, unique id. This id is anonymous and does not contain any personaly information about you. We also send to Google Analytics your IP address, but that is also anonymized, meaning we scramble the last digits of your IP address before sending it to Google Analytics. It is very important to know that we store this cookie only if you have confirmed ¬†that you agree for us to use cookies(meaning you've pressed "It's ok, I accept" on our cookie notification bar). If you have pressed ¬†"No, thanks" or if you haven't chosen anything yet, we will not use set or use this cookie.

How can I stop websites from setting cookies?

This depends on what browser you are using for accessing this websites. For quick reference, here are the guides for the most popular internet browsers.

For any other questions or concerns regarding the cookies used by this website, please contact Marius Borcan at